Weaning of Life, in a nutshell

Welcome to our weaning page. An area dedicated to giving your baby the best possible start in life - a Plum Start. And naturally, the first step is to sign up to download our FREE emagazine, The Weaning of Life™. Take a sneak peak at the five page preview below and we guarantee you'll want to read on to discover more of the untold secrets of weaning!

Intrigued? You should be!

Obviously, the last thing any mum (or dad!) needs is 'another' weaning guide. After all even the official guidelines seem to change more often than a baby's nappy.

But The Weaning of Life™ is written by mums, for mums and added to the latest scientific findings. And unlike most magazines for new mums, it doesn’t dictate, but simply gives you the (often astonishing) facts laced with some (at last!) humour so you can make up your own, well-informed mind on what’s best for your baby.

Read the other guides if you like, but this is the one not to be missed!

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